Over the years I've worked on a plethora of different projects, exploring different tangents on digital technologies and media.

You can also take a look at my research papers, software, and videos.


Videolab is an educational software piece that teaches and lets users experiment with concepts of digital video technology. It can be used standalone by students or as a lecturing tool by instructors.

Analog Software

This Future Places workshop presents software as a process for creative exploration of physical (‘analog’) materials and realities. Participants are invited to think critically about the ‘invisible hand’ of software in shaping the world.


RU+A was an urban and participatory art initiative that brought street art to locations in the Cedofeita area of Porto. It kicked off September 2013 with a big street event and interventions continued through March 2014.

Public Domain Video

Some of my older educational mini-documentaries were dedicated to the Public Domain, and are free for everyone to use and remix.


A web portfolio platform for academic users, Cenário would be a platform for students and arts institutions to showcase their creative projects. Developed with Mariana Figueiredo, the prototype was my final MSc thesis project.


Co-directed with Sérgio Brás d'Almeida, Peer-to-Peer was a performance piece for a controlled, monitored environment. Players/performers followed simple rules of interaction to establish 'P2P connections' through storytelling.