Words and Thoughts in RGB

Short documentary (2005-2012)

An award-winning appreciation of color — its science, culture and uses. Dedicated to the Public Domain.

Narrated by Joana Vieira da Costa. Words and Thoughts in RGB previously won a number of awards - Ovarvideo 2005 Jury Prize, FEST 2006 Audience Award for Best Documentary, Tom De Video ACERT 2007 Best Documentary, Arouca Film Fest 2007 Best Documentary - and was present at a number of important events including the Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival 2006, Videoevento Turin 2005 and Jovens Criadores 2006.

You are free to watch, show, distribute and reuse this video. Downloads are available at Archive.org, including a high quality 720p MPEG2 file and subtitles in Portuguese, English, and Italian.