A selection of short documentaries and films I've directed.

Portuguese expatriates in France meet at the same coffeehouse, but their common origins are only incidental. Having drinks together, each remains alone.

An award-winning appreciation of color — its science, culture and uses. Dedicated to the Public Domain.

A poetic vision of the Theory of Evolution.
Dedicated to the Public Domain.

Damião is a man who spends his days as the caretaker of a almost completely abandoned shopping mall, a cage of harsh lighting, mirrored surfaces, leaky pipes, and rubber flooring.

A spec advertisement with an ecological message.

Margarida Carvalho and Inês Leite play two sisters who find something in the attic...

The history of the cypher, the zero and its twin - infinity - from ancient times to Einstein, Max Planck and black holes.

My showreel from the DV to HD era. Includes some samples of my work as director or cinematographer, and also bits about my abilities in VFX, motion graphics and still photography.