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Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh. This video shows what really matters in CG: even though the long shots may not be the very best architectural renderings I’ve seen (the textures look rather flat sometimes), the lighting, the camera moves and the small details (specks of dust, etc) make for one really engaging piece.

All done by a single person using a desktop computer — this is what William Gibson meant when he coined the expression “Garage Kubrick”.

Noupe: 50 After Effects Tutorials

Hm. I was never much of a tutorial person (I rather just go and recklessly do whatever I want to do), but some of these will probably provide me with the kind of AE training I’ll need soon.

A two-minute minidocumentary about the Big Bang. Personally, it’s thrilling to see the short-form science doc evolve. But seriously: magenta?

The Golden Hour Calculator

Pretty useful. Add a moon and tide calculator and a weather forecast, and it’d be the perfect photographer/filmmaker’s almanac. If on my (not fancy) cellphone.

One Hundred Years of Visual Effects.