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Recently I made the decision to dedicate a few of my older videos to the Public Domain. This meant getting formal permissions from the people who contributed to the making of those videos and a small amount of reediting to replace those bits that weren’t PD-kosher (i.e. stuff I used that had Creative Commons licenses).

Life is Change is the first of my videos to go full-blown Public Domain (through the CC0 Universal Dedication). Even though many web services encourage their use (and some don’t even allow you to check a Public Domain option) I am not at all interested in the common Creative Commons licenses, as I feel these encourage a ‘free-ish culture’ with strings attached. I believe your stuff should be either free or not free. Public Domain or Your Domain.

So enjoy Life is Change: Remix, redistribute, do whatever you want. I have made some downloads available at They’re yours.

Here’s another video I’ve worked on recently — a short study about a local architectural landmark, the Miradouro hotel and restaurant, which is the highest spot in Porto (we don’t have many impressive or tall buildings around here). I did the camera work and the post-production for my architect friend Alexandra Areia, and I’m happy to report the video is one of the finalists at the creative video contest we submitted it to.

The Found Objects Pummelvision, which is as neat as is useless. Anyway, this made me think it’s almost ten years since I started blogging in this space (Tumblr people: I mean here). This would be a nice celebration video, if only it contained pre-2007 content.

“How many ‘likes’ will satisfy your need of consolation?”

That is one of the core questions of Peer-to-Peer. The video above includes images of the first presentation of our performance piece, that took place June 4th. Next presentation will be June 26th at Maus Hábitos, so pay us a visit if you’re in Porto that weekend!