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Even though I have some trouble doing anything with it (other than filming my friends’ kittens), I find the concept of Vine quite interesting: six-second videos made with an app that works like old Super8 cameras (only recording while you press the trigger), encouraging both synthesis and all kinds of in-camera experimentation. And even though Instagram though has similar capabilities, Vine’s lower six-second limit just seems more interesting, focused on action rather than on beautifully-filtered meditations.

To the point, here’s a compilation of six-second science experiments and explanations. Awesome. (via It’s Okay to Be Smart)

Last week I helped Joana shoot this video presentation for the Indiegogo fundraiser for RU+A (Facebook link), a project that aims to qualify a run-down area at the center of Porto by inviting local visual artists (a call for proposals is currently in effect) to paint the area stores’ metal shutters in an event that will be taking place September the 15th.

Friends, Joana and the RU+A gals need to provide all the materials (paint, brushes, & etc.) and get all the permits for that event to happen. They’ve set up this fundraiser for both private and small-business sponsors. Perks include, besides a shout-out / some advertising for you, unique traditional portuguese ceramic tiles painted and signed by one of the artists. If you can, please help them out!

When I was a kid I would stand on my head and force myself into odd perceptions. I would pretend being able to walk in the ceiling or in the walls, wishing hard to defeat gravity.

In Rubix, Christ Kelly renders a city as the faces of a moving Rubik cube. Even though the 3D execution isn’t up to par with videos such as Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh (another veritable architectural video megademo), Rubix's concept makes it oddly compelling. I'm hooked.

Here’s a funny public service announcement about the condition known as Bitchy Resting Face, the female counterpart to Resting Asshole Face. As someone with a deep suspiction of having RAF myself, I do empathize. (via Karen Abad)

Videolab is an educational software piece that teaches and lets users experiment with concepts of digital video technology. It can be used standalone by students or as a lecturing tool by instructors.

I developed this Educational Software project as part of the coursework required for my Digital Media PhD, but I hope it’ll come handy in my own teaching. This prototype was made with Processing 2.08b and was thoroughly tested on Windows, but should work on other systems as well.

Flash project: I was going to spend last week helping out Joana with a promo video for the FAZ Ideas in Portuguese contest. Everything was going to be shot outdoors, however progress was irritatingly slow due to the heavy rain that fell all week. We couldn’t get a break. So yesterday and in despair, we scrapped nearly everything and started over, shooting stop-motion indoors as the rain fell outside almost to the very end, when we managed to get a couple of shots outside again.

And somehow it worked.

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